Artwork Solutions for Themed Hotels and all your Interior Design Projects

Transmedia Storytelling by ©Rafael Espitia


Hospitality & Interior Design

We supply artworks for hotels, architects, interior designers, well as corporate offices, commercial and residential.         

Espitia Art understand that every customer and every project is different, we will work together with our clients to develop and create artwork that is innovative and practical.

We specialize in producing bespoke artwork, creating in any size to fit a scheme based on style, colour and theme.


We are creators and manufacturer of wall décor serving the retail (large and independent), themed hotels and interior design (commercial and residential). We offer a broad and fresh selection of unique artwork of the highest quality at attainable price levels. Our goal is to provide our customers superior value with the 3D effects and optical illusions, which we define as the optimal combination of unique and fresh imagery, product quality and design, customer service and price.






Custom Wallpaper Out System: 3D Effects and Optical Illusions

Custom Wallpaper: 3D Effects & Optical Illusions


3D Effects 

Infinity Mirror / Stretch Ceiling